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Whilst these are not my words, nor the entire piece, they certainly hit the nail on the head as far as I'm concerned. For the actual posting in its entirety, please follow the link as no plagiarism is intended here.…    

4 Reasons Heathens Hate Lokeans: By a Lokean Image     Before too many anti-Loki people jump to “like” this article, and too may pro-Loki people start furiously typing an angry complaint letter to me over its title, let me quickly clarify my stance: I LOVE Loki. I have been a devout Loki worshipper since about 1994, and it was my love for Loki that brought me into Heathenry in the first place. I also love my Heathen community (I’ve been a Troth member since 2006), and have many friends therein of many various theological opinions. It is because I love these two parts of my life that I have grown increasingly concerned with how the definition of “Lokean” (a term that only meant a devotee of Loki back in the “old days”) has mutated into something I can barely relate to anymore and likewise has become a term filled with increasingly more disdain (though not for the reasons you’re probably thinking).   It’s absolutely true that somewhere in American Heathenry’s history, Loki somehow become saddled with the reputation of being the Norse Satan (much to the confusion of the Heathens here in Iceland, and to scholars of Norse Mythology who are well aware that Loki’s demonization in Snorra Edda was probably not pre-Christian). However, in my experience many of my Heathen friend’s complaints about Lokeans really have very little to do with Loki himself, and more with the strange subculture that has arisen around the word “Lokean”, and sadly Lokeans are starting to come off to heathens as (for lack of a better term) “whack jobs”. As a concerned worshipper of Loki and a self-identified Heathen, who would not like to see yet more reasons invented for Loki to be shamed, I’ve decided to compile a list of the REAL complaints about Lokeans that I hear most often from heathens, which overlap with ideas about Loki that have become more prominent in the Lokean community as of late:   1) “Loki is a ‘Rökkrtrú’ god!   The term Rökkrtrú is one that was coined by an associate of Raven Kaldera’s to refer to the beings most strongly associated with Snorra Edda’s and Völuspá’s depiction of the end of the world, who in their cosmology are also the gods of the Jötunn race. Immediately, I hated the word Rökkrtrú, as I (and most scholars, including Turville-Petre and Christopher Abram) personally see Völuspá as a piece that contains many Medieval Christian ideas about the end of the world that were rampant around 1000 CE, and I believe that the death of all the gods therein (who I believe cannot die) was simply part of the conversion narrative. Associating Loki with a term such as ´Rökkrtrú’ is thus placing even more undeserved stigma upon him and placing him in the role of the one who “doomed the gods”, even though the doom of the gods was probably not a pre-Christian element to that story. But that isn’t my main grievance with Rökkrtrú.   Please note, that I have never met the leaders of the Northern Tradition in person, and do not have any personal grievances with them. For all I know they too might have noticed the trend I’m about to share. They are, however, the leaders of a group who is more interested in using UPG rather than referring to scholarship in the building of their spiritual cosmology. Again, I see no problem there. Spirituality is and should be a personal thing. Unfortunately, the “anything goes”, “all UPG is a valid platform for religion” philosophy that is born out such spirituality is both it’s greatest strength and it’s greatest curse, and quite a few… unusual ideas have been born from it. And because Rökkrtrú is one of the only places that Lokeans now believe they have a safe-haven (and that’s on you too Heathenry, you’ve helped to create this monster) the word “Lokean” has become a synonym for “ Rökkrtrú”, and “ Rökkrtrú” has become a synonym for “Loki lives in my magic dildo”. That’s right, the craziest thing about Rökkrtrú is that it has somehow become mixed up with anything and everything under the sun that can be combined with Loki and the Norse gods, and in such a way that there is very little quality control. You are just as likely to find someone that identifies as Rökkrtrú who is an educated person with average worship practices, as you are to find someone who has dedicated themselves as Fenrir’s personal ball-gag wearing, transexual princess bride, who has a magical set of anal beads that they wear every full moon in Fenrir’s honor (and Fenrir, in human form, looks exactly like Auron from Final Fantasy X by the way). These practices by themselves are pretty harmless in my opinion (to each their own), but when there is an entire blog promoting Rökkrtrú AND describing the Fenrir Anal Bead Ritual in full detail alongside it as if everyone should take your anal-religious experiences seriously and with reverence, you can’t be surprised or outraged when people in the Heathen community might raise their eyebrows and hold the rest of the tradition (and those they associate with it) in suspicion from there on out. You also shouldn’t be offended that they may not want the non-Pagan world to assume that this kind of worship is the norm for all Norse Pagans, since that’s some pretty hefty ammunition if anyone wants to make us out to look weird. Even if you aren’t promoting it as such, that’s never stopped the media from over-exaggerating.   Perhaps because Loki worshippers have received quite a bit of grief from the Heathen community over the years, this has us (rather ironically, considering who our god is) afraid to call BS on some of these more outrageous people, because we don’t want to make anyone feel unwanted. This allows for a very open-minded community, but that is (as I stated above) a double-edged sword. Sadly, the assimilation of Lokean, Northern Tradition, and Rökkrtrú has therefore made heathens think that the Lokeans and the people who keep a magical dildo for Loki in their nightstand, are always one in the same.   2) Loki loves sister-wives!   This grievance is riding on the coat-tails of the previous one. Perhaps due to the “you must respect everyone’s UPG no matter what” clause crashing head-on like a runaway train into the popularity of the Marvel “Thor” movie, a greater subculture within Loki worshippers has arisen: The “Loki spouses”. God-spouses (a term which has come to mean someone who has actually married a Norse god and resembling the concept Maraj Lwa in Hatian Vodou) were not a common thing when I first started practicing Heathenry. I knew that Freya Aswynn was dedicated to Óðinn in this way, and it really didn’t seem that strange to me in practice, as what this really seemed to be was a personal dedication of hard-work and priesthood for a god or goddess and their community. That in itself seemed like a worthy cause to me, if the person in question was suited to that calling. But as more and more people began to write about it, it seemed that more people were suddenly beginning to call themselves “god-spouses”. Again, no problems here. Maybe the gods like that, or some people need that, or some people need to serve that purpose for their communities. But ever since the Thor movie came out, I would venture to guess that about 75% of self-proclaimed Lokeans are now also coincidentally his “god-spouse”.   Before I examine that, I would like to point out, that in the cultures in which God Marriage took place (or still does take place) there is always a specific goal that this marriage fulfills. In Ögmundar þáttr dytts ok Gunnars helmings, the Nordic source which is most often cited in regards to God Marriage, a priestess of Freyr rides in a wagon with an image of Freyr, and it seems apparent that her presence on the wagon as his wife was needed in order for their energies to mingle and to bless the land with fertility. So in other words, she wasn’t married to Freyr “just because”, she was a priestess of Freyr who actually had a service to perform for her community as Freyr’s wife. I personally believe that in an ideal situation, all “god spouses” of various deities would perform a similar function for their communities: not just to use the title as a bragging right, but to actually do something useful with that connection.   In Maraj Lwa, in which a Lwa will ask a human to marry them and go through with a physical wedding, the marriage serves the function of giving that person some extra energy and help in their lives in the areas in which that Lwa effects. It’s also common for more than one Lwa to marry a person at a time to make sure that all of their energies help to keep the human’s life balanced. There are also some pretty strict rules that come with Maraj Lwa: often the human has to abstain from sex on a particular day that is specifically set aside for their Lwa spouse, and there may be other taboos attached to such a commitment. But again, this ritual serves a very specific purpose in the Lwa deciding what energies a person needs to grow and thrive (and they may not necessarily be the Lwa that the human in question likes the most). Like the Norse example, this also gives the human spouse more ritual/social responsibility to their Lwa partner/s.   Going back to our Loki spouses, in most cases it has been very difficult for me to identify what the purpose of these unions are, outside of serving the spouse’s own ego and giving them full right to shamelessly indulge in their wet dreams about Tom Hiddl- er… I mean Loki. I don’t mean to discriminate against lonely young women by observing that most recent Loki spouses tend to be lonely young women, but really, I have to call a spade a spade; and it seems that their formula for becoming a Loki spouse was:   1. Saw the Thor movie.   2. Thought Loki was hot.   3. Read online that you can marry Loki and there’s a community of people that take it seriously.   4. Has “vision” where Loki tells them to marry them immediately afterwards   5. Marries Loki.   6. Makes a new Tumblr account in honor of the event.   This sister-wives culture has been careening out of control lately, where Loki god-spouses are..


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